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the tumbling confidence challenge

7 Days to Infuse Your Tumbling Practices with More Motivation, Energy, Confidence, and Fun!

Are you frustrated by slow progress in your tumbling skills despite your hard work? 

What if you had a plan that put you back in control of your skills, allowing you to effortlessly master your skills with unshakable confidence?

The 7-Day Tumbling Confidence Challenge will take you through the 7 characteristics of confident tumblers step-by-step so you can shift from hesitation to action, from doubt to determination, and from setback to success

Break free from fear, self-doubt, and conquer your tumbling skills with ease. 

Join the Challenge and start your confident tumbling journey now! 


Do you feel

Like it is so easy for others to get their skills while you feel stuck? 

Unsure of what to do or think about besides “Just do it!” which causes nerves?

Like the first few reps of the day set the tone for your entire practice, leading to a rollercoaster of emotions? 

Your tumbling skills are holding you back from feeling confident in other areas of your sport?

Little to no confidence in your ability to throw your tumbling when and how you want?

ready to tumble with confidence?

join the challenge! 


Learn the 7 Characteristics of a Confident Tumbler which will allow you to approach your practices: 


 only $35

price bumps up soon!

What can you expect?


Daily video training explaining the activity and challenge of the day taught by an expert Mental Coach who understands both the physical and mental dimensions of tumbling excellence. 

2. personalized practice plan

Daily worksheet to help you get into action and create a personalized plan to improve your confidence during practice. 

3. daily challenge

Easy prompts to get you into quick action and engaged with fellow participants in our private athlete community. 

4. community accountability

Receive encouragement and motivation from other participants in our athlete community feed & chat as you step into the confident tumbler life TOGETHER!

5. 24/7 support

Receive tailored guidance and support from our coaching team by utilizing the community chat and feed. Get your questions answered in real time so you are never stuck!

6. companion workbook

Includes our e-workbook so you can easily follow-along with the challenge. This keepsake will be a constant reminder for you to apply what you learned long after the challenge ends. 

RIsk-free guarantee

While we cannot guarantee results because every athlete's journey is unique, we know you will LOVE the value, coaching, and support. If after day 2 of the challenge you feel it is not right for you, ask for a full refund. 


Mental performance coach, owner of Mandy Patterson Coaching, and founder of the Mind Over Mental Block Program where we help gymnasts and cheerleaders trade blocks and fears for confidence & joy! 

I can vividly remember my days as a competitive cheerleader, leaving practice in tears and frustration from my tumbling. Mental blocks, demanding coaches, and my own perfectionism wrecked havoc on my confidence and caused my tumbling challenges to cast a shadow on my cheerleading experience way too many times.

But you know what? I decided to take control of the situation and change my story.

Now, through my experience as an athlete and high-level tumbling coach, personal research, and certification as a Mental Game Coaching Professional, I am blessed to teach athletes how to CONFIDENTLY master their tumbling with more EASE and SPEED through mental skills training. 

We would love to support you as your Mental Performance Coaching Team! We've Got This

Questions? answered.

what is the daily commitment for this challenge?

The daily video, activity, and challenge can be completed in minutes per day at a time that is convenient for you. Our Coaching team and challenge participants will be actively engaging in the community chat and feed for those seeking extra support, motivation and interaction. 

is this challenge suitable for all skill levels, including beginners

Absolutely! Athletes 9 and up can use the content in a way that is appropriate for their level to improve their tumbling skills. While we will be focusing specifically on various tumbling skills, the concepts can improve confidence in other areas and sports, as well as in life! You can receive more tailored guidance by utilizing the community chat and feed.

What if I miss a day? Can the challenge be accessed after the 7 days are over?

While the challenge is 7-days, you have access to the community-hosted challenge for 10 days in case you miss a day or two. 

You may purchase lifetime access at checkout so you keep the challenge content videos forever. 

For continued access and support, exclusive invitations will be available during the challenge. 

do i need to have daily practice to use these skills? 

While we encourage you to apply these skills to your physical practice each day for maximum results, you can still benefit from the learned skills and preparing your plan for when you are able to practice your skills physically. Day 1 of the challenge we will craft your practice plan and give you ideas for how to get into action even if you are unable to get into the gym.  

how do i reach out for support or assistance during the challenge?

The challenge is hosted in our private athlete community The Block Breakers Circle (located inside the BAND APP). Our coaches and support staff are available via DM and  community chat throughout the challenge. Each day of the challenge also includes a comments section where you can ask questions and receive support so you have everything you need to be successful! 

Still have questions? 

Contact us at so you have everything you need to feel 100% about your decision!

Did I mention the best part?

hey block-breaker

In addition to the challenge material, you'll receive access to our Block-Breakers Circle athlete feed, a hub of daily prompts, games, and quizzes to help you elevate your mindset while mastering your skills in a fun & easy way! Throughout the challenge, we have exclusive bonuses and bundles curated for you to take your learning and training to the next level! 

Don't miss out on the amazing opportunities to enhance your skills and embrace the joy of growth in the sport you love! Join us in the 7-Day Tumbling Confidence Challenge, and let's take your performance to new heights!

Ready to swap "I can't" for a PROVEN plan that transforms every practice? 

Step into each day motivated, focused, and ready to succeed with a confident "I've got this!"